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Microsoft Active Directory Service

A database and collection of services called Active Directory (AD) link users to the network resources required to complete their tasks.

Essential details about your environment are contained in the database (or directory), including the number of computers and users and permissions for each. The database, for instance, might have a list of 100 user accounts, together with information on each account’s owner, such as name, phone number, and password.

Self Hosted Email Server

Mail server is the primary way of corporate communications these days. All businesses, small to large, is required a mail server for their business communications. There are many free internet services but with some limitations such as storage capacity, the daily number of emails, group list, backup, etc. Smart Network Ltd. expert professionals will install an Email server at the client’s premise so that they can have complete control over their mailing system and also overcome those limitations

Self Hosted Web Server

Smart Network experts can set up your own hosted hosting server with a control panel so that any can host multiple websites they want to host with unlimited storage. Any number of database instances can be installed with an extra layer of security

FTP Server set up & Maintenance

File Transfer Protocol is referred to as FTP. Networked computers use a protocol, a set of guidelines, to communicate with one another. An internet-based client-server protocol called FTP can be used to transmit files between computers. The server responds to the client’s request for the files.

With FTP, you can also add, delete, and list directories, albeit you might first need to authenticate with a username and password. Our  Open source solutions are typically released for free and are usually transferred through anonymous FTP servers, which don’t require keys.

Firewall set up & Support

A firewall acts as a wall or shield between your computer and the internet. Data packets are continually sent and received when you have an Internet connection. The firewall filters these packets to determine if they satisfy rules-based requirements before being allowed or blocked. Hackers won’t be able to break into this shield and steal your information, including passwords and bank account details. In addition, it is possible to block irrelevant URLs to hinder workplace productivity.

Site to Site VPN for Remote Office

Our Site-to-Site VPN can connect your remote offices. It seems they are on the same LAN where they can securely share local services like FTP, LDAP, and custom Apps. Network files & folders can be shared as well.

This service is suitable for those with multiple branch offices in any remote location around the globe.

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